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KickBike FunStep through the Bollenstreek

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Would you like to rent a KickBike FunStep? Would you like to enjoy a fantastic ride with this cool electric scooter in the Bollenstreek? Drive silently along the fields of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips or through the beautiful dune area of Katwijk and Noordwijk!

€39,- :
3 hours KickBike FunStep-Tour
Prijzen :
Inclusive 21% tax
40 :
Max. number of people
16 jaar :
Minimum age
Nee :
Driving license required?

In spring, admire the flowers in the Bollenstreek. Rent a Big Wheel FunStep, a cool electric scooter with wide tires, and cruise through lovely villages like Lisse, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout, Hillegom and De Zilk. Explore the dunes in the summer months or cruise the lively boulevards of Noordwijk and Katwijk.

From the age of 16 without a (moped) driver's license
WA insured
Starting point: Have Fun Events in Voorhout
Big Fat Wheel Fun Electric Scooter
Free directions
Detailed explanation of usage
Bike lock
Route through the polder, via ferries.

Electric scooter rental in the Bollenstreek

Enjoy the most beautiful views on this sturdy scooter. Ideal for couples as well as larger groups. Good to combine with the FunScooter and TukTuk. For example, you can switch halfway through the tour. Then one can go on the FunScooter and the other on the FunStep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pedal on the KickBike FunStep?

No, you don't have to pedal. The KickBike FunStep drives automatically and completely silently with its electric motor.

How fast does the E-Step go?

The scooter travels 25 kilometers per hour.

What is the range of the KickBike FunStep?

You can cover a distance of 40 kilometers.

Can I rent the KickBike FunStep without a driver's license?

Yes, if you are 16 years or older you do not need a (moped) driver's license.

Can I combine the KickBike FunSteps with other vehicles?

Yes, you can combine with Electric Scooter, E-choppers and with FatBikes.

How many people fit on a scooter?

A maximum of one person can ride on a KickBike FunStep.

There are participants without a driver's license. What now?

Participants over the age of 16 do not need a driver's license. If you have participants under the age of 16, you can rent an electric FunScooter and let participants ride a FunScooter without a license with someone who has a license. You can also rent the E-TukTuk for several participants.

Can children ride on the KickBike FunStep?

No, children from 3 to 8 years old can only ride with on a FunScooter City. Older children can ride with on both the FunScooter City and the FunScooter Cruiser. If you have several children, you can also opt for the E-TukTuk.

How long can I rent a FunStep?

The FunStep tour lasts three hours. You can also rent the FunStep for a day or longer.

Can I ride through the dunes with the KickBike FunStep?

Yes, you can ride the KickBike FunStep on the bike paths through the dunes. On the beach is not allowed.

Moet ik borg betalen?

U hoeft geen borg te betalen. Bij schade aan een voertuig geldt een eigen risico van €500,- per voertuig per gebeurtenis. Het eigen risico is gedeeltelijk afkoopbaar. Voor €5,- per voertuig wordt het eigen risico €200,- De opdrachtgever is verantwoordelijk voor alle deelnemers.